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What Is Greenville?

In many respects, Greenville is like any bustling 80,000-person community. There's plenty to do and see. There are big-box stores, chain restaurants and a sprawling mall for shopaholics. There's a huge venue for concerts, as well as a multifaceted performing arts center. There is green space everywhere.

Yep, it's a nice little city, all right. But, dig a little deeper and prepare to fall in love.
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Euphoria_2013 052
Sept. 22 thru Sept. 25, 2016
Food, wine, craft beer, live music and fun: It’s Euphoria, a multi-day immersion into the best of local and international cuisine, as well as spirits from around the country.
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GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail

Around in one form or another since 1889, the Swamp Rabbit Trail extends along the Reedy River from downtown Greenville to Travelers Rest. Beginning life as part of the rail line of the Carolina, Knoxville and Western Railway that founders envisioned connecting Greenville with Knoxville, Tenn. and the South Carolina coast, today’s Swamp Rabbit Trail follows the 12 miles of rail bed that was actually completed before the railroad went bust.
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Greenville Drive Baseball

There’s no better way to spend an evening than cheering on the Greenville Drive baseball team. Greenville’s own “Boys of Summer” take to the field from April ’til September as they battle other members of the South Atlantic League. It’s minor-league baseball and major-league fun.
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