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Falls Park on the Reedy


Arguably the crown jewel of Greenville’s park system, Falls Park on the Reedy is an oasis of water, gardens and greenery in the city center.

Anchoring Greenville’s West End, Reedy Park celebrates the falls that attracted first the Cherokees in the 19th century and thenDSCF0437 the initial white settlers in the 1700s. Eventually, all manner of commerce developed around the river and falls. Flour mills, an iron works, a paper factory and textile mills all thrived along the banks of the Reedy in what is now Greenville.

With its official entrance located on South Main Street, the park can also be accessed by the 20-mile hiking/biking Swamp Rabbit Trail as it winds its way from Travelers Rest to Greenville’s Cleveland Park.

A popular spot to relax, dangle feet in the water, picnic, or just hang out with family or friends, Falls Park is often bustling with activity. Even when teeming with visitors, it’s quiet and inviting.

Anchoring the park, The Liberty Bridge provides a dramatic bird’s-eye view of the falls, and is an ideal spot to snap a selfie or two. Its curved expanse reaches 345 feet across the river. The two masts, from which the cable is suspended, tower 90 feet toward the sky.

Because it is downtown, Falls Park is close to restaurants, hotels and a large number of Greenville attractions.

Park hours are from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 365 days a year.

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